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Hiking Trails
Location Name Address / MapIt! Zip / Area Telephone # Days / Hours Council
Belle Isle 2099 Riverside Drive 23225 (804)646-8911 Sunrise to Sunset 5
Bryan Park 4308 Hermitage Road 23227 (804)646-0036 Sunrise to Sunset 3
Byrd Park 600 South Boulevard 23220 (804)646-0761 Sunrise to Sunset 5
Forest Hill Park 4021 Forest Hill Avenue 23225 (804)646-0761 Sunrise to Sunset 4
Huguenot Flatwater Park 8600 Southampton Road 23235 (804)646-8911 Sunrise to Sunset 4
James River Flood Wall 101 Hull Street 23224 (804)646-7000 Sunrise to Sunset 4
James River Park 4301 Riverside Drive 23219 (804)646-8911 Sunrise to Sunset 4
Maymont Park 2201 Shields Lake Drive 23220 (804)358-7166 Sunrise to Sunset 5
Oregon Hill Park / Overlook 799 South Pine Street 23220 (804)646-5733 Sunrise to Sunset 5
Pine Camp 4901 Old Brook Road 23227 (804)646-3672 Sunrise to Sunset 3
Pony Pasture Rapids Park 7200 Riverside Drive 23225 (804)646-8911 Sunrise to Sunset 4
Powhite Park 7200 Powhite Park Trails 23225 (804)646-5733 Sunrise to Sunset 4

Belle Isle

Parking & footbridge to Belle Isle at Tredegar Street. One mile loop trail - woodlands, meadows, interpretive signs, scenic walk alongside rocks and rapids.

Bryan Park

Hermitage Road and Westbrook Avenue; one trail, 1 mile. Parkland around lake.

Byrd Park

South end of the Boulevard- two trails, 1.3 miles, three lakes and grassy fields

Forest Hill Park

Forest Hill Avenue and 34th Street and 41st; two trails, 1.5 miles, lake, stream, grassy hills and woodlands, excellent mountain biking routes through forest.

Huguenot Flatwater Park

On Riverside Drive at the south end of Huguenot Bridge - one trail along river, 1.5 miles. Along a quiet section of river with excellent fishing.

James River Flood Wall

South end of Manchester Bridge, 1.25 miles. Scenic views of city skyline along the river, wheelchair accessible at western section starting under Manchester Bridge.

James River Park Main Area

On Riverside Drive Lee Bridge to Boulevard Bridge: five trails, 5.3 miles. Woodlands and fields. Easy biking along the river with challenging mountain bike trails.

Maymont Park

Between the Boulevard and Hampton Street, four trails, 4 miles. Parkland and gardens.

Oregon Hill Park / Overlook

Riverview overlook on the edge of Oregon Hill Parkway between South Cherry Street and South Pine Street. Excellent views of river. Access to North Bank Trail located between Leigh Bridge to Boulevard Bridge, for 2 miles, via Texas Avenue and Kansas Avenue.

Pine Camp

Azalea Avenue and Old Brook Road, two trails, 1.8 miles. Fields and woodlands.

Pony Pasture Rapids Park

7200 Riverside Drive, 1 mile West of Huguenot Bridge - four trails, 3.5 miles. Fields and woodlands. Easy biking, good fishing and scenic rocks and rapids.

Powhite Park

Chippenham Parkway and Jahnke Road, three trails, 1.5 miles. Fields, woodlands, stream and steep hills. Excellent mountain biking.

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