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Gillies Creek   &   Bryan Park

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Phone: (804)646-5733,
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The City of Richmond is full of many hidden treasures! One of which happens to be the Gillies Creek Park system. Located on the City's east side just off of Stoney Run Drive and Williamsburg Road. Gillies Creek Park has an abundance of activities to offer, some of which are refreshingly different.

Gillies Creek Park sports an 18 hole "Disc Golf Course". Disc Golf is golf played with a Frisbee type disc which is hurled through the air into a chain linked basket to score points. The least amount of putts (throws) it takes a golfer to land the disc into the basket, the faster they can proceed to the next hole (basket location). The game takes about an hour to play and covers a distance of about a mile.

A disc golf course has also been added to Bryan Park.

For more information contact, (804)232-1982.

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