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Administration Office
1209 Admiral Street
Richmond, VA 23220-1701

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Phone: (804)646-5733,
Inclement Weather Line Number: (804)646-0751


Registration occurs annually in the month of March.

League Age Range Season Length
Big League Ages 16 - 17 Play: May - August
Girls Softball Ages 9 - 12 Play: May - August
Little League Ages 9 - 12 Play: May - July
RBI League Ages 13 - 15 Play: May - August
T-ball Ages 6 - 8 Play: May - July

The season ends with the City Championship finals and Annual Baseball Bash.


Youth between the ages of 8 and 15 interested in playing softball should contact their local Community Center.

Adult Softball Leagues

Adults interested in playing softball or forming leagues should contact the Amateur Softball Association at
(804)266-8317. The association coordinates adult leagues at city facilities.

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