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Last Updated: 2009-11-07

About the Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division is dedicated to the protection of life and property. Personnel are assigned to one of four sections; Community Programs, Fire Safety Inspections, Fire Investigations and Hazardous Materials. They are guided by three principles - Education - Engineering - Enforcement.

Education is the primary focus of day to day activities. A better informed individual will understand the important of creating a safer environment and overall make good decisions in an emergency. Through this pro-active effort, we hope to lessen the number of incidents or at the very least, the severity. It certainly transcends all four sections of the Division.

Engineering is important to understand the appropriate design, application and construction of building components. It is utilized through the development and application of local, state and national codes, standards and ordinances. Sound industry principles, past experiences and laboratory tests are the basis for these documents. Understanding the science of fire is a key factor for staff to effectively carryout their responsibilities. As such, education for our staff and the public is the key to proper application and compliance.

Enforcement, though a last resort, is an avenue to ensure the building environment and associated activities meet an acceptable fire safe standard. It is hoped that through education, we will be able to obtain voluntary compliance.

Collectively, these principles allow us to move one step closer to our goal of improving fire and life safety for our community. Please join our efforts by being safety conscious. Enlist the help of your family and co-workers to keep everyone "safety aware". Educate and plan what you can do to prevent or control a life threatening situation. Throughout this website are tips which we hope will assist you in this effort. Please do not hesitate to call us for assistance. Together we can make Richmond a safer community.

Some of our divisional activities include:

  • Fifth grade fire safety program
  • Holiday and special occasion safety presentations
  • Courtesy home fire safety surveys
  • Fire Prevention Week activities
  • Fire Safety House
  • Fire code inspections in commercial businesses
  • High rise fire safety inspections
  • Fire protection system maintenance compliance
  • Tank removal inspections
  • Blasting inspections and permitting
  • Pyrotechnics inspections and permitting
  • Fumigation inspections and permitting
  • Night and weekend life safety inspections
  • Complaints regarding fire and life safety hazards
  • Special events inspections and standbys
  • Hazardous material contingency planning
  • Coordinating hazardous materials Tier II reporting
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
  • Fire investigation services
  • Freedom of Information Act request
  • Site and construction plan review/consultation/field inspections
  • Stove Top Fire Stop
  • Rest Safe in RVA
  • Quality customer service


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