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Special Services Division

Rescue 1The The Richmond Fire and Emergency Services Department is an all hazards response organization. This means we respond to more than just fires and medical emergencies. The RFD currently has three disciplines that fall under the Special Services Division to assist with this all hazards response:

Water Rescue

With the beautiful James River and its challenging rapids running through the City of Richmond, the RFD Water Rescue Team (WRT) is one of the busiest in the State of Virginia. The highly trained members of the team are trained in swift water rescue, swift water boat operations, public safety dive rescue and dive tender operations. The team operates out of two strategically located stations, Fire Station 13 which has two units providing both swift water and dive rescue capabilities, and Station 24 which provides swift water rescue capability. The team is equipped with multiple inflatable boats, trailers and apparatus to respond to any water related emergency within the city or in the region.

Heavy Technical Rescue

The City of Richmond provides Heavy Technical Rescue (HTR) services out of Fire Station 10. The team provides specialized rescue capabilities to include high and low angle rope rescues, confined space rescues, trench rescues, structural collapse rescue, heavy vehicle extrications and other technically challenging rescue situations. The members assigned to Station 10 utilize their front-line apparatus (Engine 10 and Truck 3), a heavy rescue (Rescue 2) and a large box truck (HTR 1) to transport their specialized equipment to the emergency scene. The members of Station 10 are also members of the Central Virginia Technical Rescue Team. This team is made up of members from multiple fire departments in Central Virginia providing HTR rescue services throughout Central Virginia.

Hazardous Materials and Foam Response

The City of Richmond provides Hazardous Materials Response from Fire Station 22. This highly trained team is supported by two specialized foam teams operating out of Fire Station 21 and Fire Station 8. The hazardous materials teams respond throughout the city and region to any report of a chemical release or spill. They are responsible for identifying the product and stopping or containing the release to ensure it is not a hazard to the population or the environment. The two foam teams work closely with the hazardous materials team to ensure that flammable liquid releases or fires, which cannot be extinguished with water, are controlled or extinguished safely and appropriately. These teams are highly trained in their response and utilization of their specialized equipment.

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