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Richmond Emergency Planning Committee

What is the REPC?

The Richmond Emergency Planning Committee (REPC) was formed in accordance with the "Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986 "(Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act ("SARA"), Title II, 42 U.S.C. Section 11001)." The REPC's purpose is to prepare an emergency plan to minimize the impact upon the community of possible releases of hazardous substances.

The REPC membership is comprised of elected local and state officials, police, fire, civil defense, public health professionals, environmental, hospital, and transportation officials representative of Richmond. Also included in the membership are representatives of facilities, community groups, and the local media.

What does the REPC do?

The primary duties of the REPC:

  • Prepare and coordinate a chemical emergency response plan for all facilities in the city where extremely hazardous materials are present in quantities above a threshold planning quantity, as required by SARA Title III, Section 303.
  • Collect and maintain SARA Section 312 hazardous chemical inventory reports (Tier II reports) for facilities required to submit such reports.
  • Receive information about reportable accidental chemical releases and ensure that emergency response plans are followed by the responsible facility when responding to such releases.
  • Assist the City of Richmond in the preparation of a Hazardous Material Emergency Response Preparedness Assessment.
  • Ensure the review, implementation and updating of the Richmond Chemical Emergency Response Plan and the component plans for each reporting facility.
  • Maintain a database of all planning and reporting facilities and the hazardous chemicals reported by these facilities utilizing the CAMEO chemical information systems database.
  • Provide outreach and education to the community and other municipalities concerning hazardous materials.


All interested persons are invited and encouraged to attend REPC meetings. For specific meeting locations, dates, times, and directions, please call the Richmond Hazardous Materials Coordinator at (804)646-6660.

Public Access to REPC Files

Upon receiving the Emergency Coordinator's permission, any person may inspect and copy REPC files. All requests to review the files shall be made to the Emergency Coordinator in writing and shall include the requester's name, address, business (optional), telephone number (optional), a brief description of the files or information desired, and the dates and times access is desired. The Emergency Coordinator shall arrange an appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

The public shall not be granted unsupervised access to REPC files. An REPC member or Fire Department employee shall be present whenever a member of the general public is accessing REPC files. The Emergency Coordinator shall make every effort to accommodate requests as expeditiously and as conveniently as possible. However, the Emergency Coordinator must respond to emergencies and other community priorities, and requesters may have to wait or interrupt their visits until the Emergency Coordinator is available.

Any person may request copies of any REPC document or file. Requests for copies shall be made to the Emergency Coordinator in writing and shall include the requester's name, address, business (optional), telephone number (optional), an exact description of the files or information desired, the total number of pages to be copied (this may be supplied by the Emergency Coordinator), the number of copies to make of each original page, and the dates the copies are needed. The Emergency Coordinator shall make every effort to accommodate requests as expeditiously as possible. The Emergency Coordinator may charge the requester an appropriate fee according to current City policy. Fees shall be paid to the City of Richmond, not the REPC.

The Emergency Coordinator may inform industries or facilities when a member of the public requests to see or copy their files. The Emergency Coordinator shall report such requests to the REPC at the next scheduled meeting.

The City of Richmond Tier II reporters are invited to use our new and unique system for reporting the storage of chemicals. The reporting is done online in order to streamline workflow and eliminates the need to send paper copies of the report to the LEPC and Richmond Fire & Emergency Services.

Please direct your Netscape or Explorer browser to the following URL

ERPlan Reporting

Chemicals and Your Obligations under the Law

Contact Information:

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