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Last Updated: 2010-01-19

Rest Safe In RVA


A lodging Industry Fire Safety Program

A fire or life safety emergency is always unexpected however preparing for it should not be. A fire or medical emergency in a hotel or motel building often involves more than just one unit. Many occupants can be affected. Responding to an emergency requires quick decisions and fast actions in a setting that can be chaotic. Needless to say, lives and property can be saved by being prepared before fire strikes or an emergency happens.

The goal of Rest Safe in RVA is to ensure that lodging industry employees are knowledgeable in emergency response procedures and in fire prevention as well as having the facilities code compliant. The initiative includes the following:

  • Risk reduction training workshop
  • Emergency preparedness training and planning
  • Educational material for staff and guests
  • Fire drills for the employees
  • Fire department pre-fire planning
  • Advertising the program to the public
  • Refresher training

Contact Information:

Fire Department
City of Richmond
201 E. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Phone: (804)646-2500

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