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Last Updated: 2010-01-11

Public Information Officer (PIO)

The Public Information Officer (P.I.O.) serves as a valuable department communication link to both the community and the various media outlets. The position reports to the Fire Marshal but works closely with the Fire Chief and the Executive Staff as well as the Richmond Press Secretary's Office. Job responsibilities encompass activities in the creation, organization and distribution of information regarding department activities. This includes the department's newsletter "Smoke Showing". Seasonal fire safety awareness and community emergency preparedness information are coordinated through this position. Informational request from the public and media are researched and handled in a timely manner.

During emergency incidents, the public information officer serves as a liaison with the media. Using various mediums, situational reports are generated at the time a "working incident" is declared. Once on scene, the public information officer works with the command officer to develop a synopsis of the incident. Briefings are held on scene for the media and updates are communicated, often electronically.

Lieutenant Chris W. Armstrong
Public Information Officer

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