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Fifth Grade Fire Safety Education Program

Fifth Grade Fire Life Safety Education Program
The Fire Life Safety Education Program was introduced to Richmond Public Schools in September 1980 by then the (Richmond Bureau of Fire) at that time. Richmond Fire recognized growing fire deaths and injuries across nation to include state and local levels. Richmond would have little impact in decreasing those numbers nationwide or even across the state.
Richmond Fire believed they could impact outcomes in the City that would reduce those numbers. Research was conducted and information gathered from several around the country that similar but successful programs…some of those Cities and States included Baltimore, New York, Chicago, St Louis, Oakland and Washington D.C. just to name a few. The development of the program targeted 5th graders; the programs in those city and states all agreed 10 and 11 year olds would be the place to stop.
Over the last 38 years that this curriculum has been a part of both Richmond Public Schools and Richmond Fire approximately 70,000 students have been taught. The program has been redesigned which covers the new material and greater hazards in our community today. The program has proven to be an invaluable asset to the students, families, RPS and the community. This has been a means of education, motivation which leads to better informing students on fire hazards and how to protect themselves.
The 5th Grade Fire Safety Program

  • Written Pre-Test
  • Four class room lessons
  • A resource Manual
  • Two homework assignments
  • Written Post Test

Success of the students is not just noted in the grades they receive but they are better informed, better understand hazards and how to identify them, lessons that stay with them as they grow. Aside from life lessons learned the hope is these students will become advocates in the City of Richmond.

The program has also recognized a number of students who have alerted their families of fire in their home which has had a positive impact in their community. These are true successes of the 5th Grade Fire Life Safety Education Program.    


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