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Last Updated: 2015-01-27

Medicaid Assistance provides medical care coverage for low-income individuals. There are several
Medical Assistance Programs offered in Virginia. Each program covers different groups of people and
has different eligibility requirements. When you apply for Medical Assistance, you are screened for all
possible programs based on your age, income, financial resources and other information.

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  • Low-income children who are US citizens or lawfully admitted immigrants.
  • Low-income pregnant women needing coverage during their pregnancy and for their infant.
  • Low-income individuals who are aged (over 65), blind or disabled.
  • "Medically needy" children with expensive medical care that qualifies their family for coverage.

Children who do not meet the income eligibility requirement for Medicaid could be eligible
for coverage through FAMIS

Documents You May Need

  • Proof of citizenship and identity
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income
  • Recent IRS tax return information
  • Proof of shelter expenses
  • Proof of resources

All of the above items are not required to complete an application but may be required at a later stage
in the process to determine eligibility for benefits.

All information that you provide is confidential. Information will only be given to persons directly
connected with administering or enforcing provisions of the programs for which you apply.

Helpful Resources

Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS)

Finding Affordable Non-Medicaid Healthcare in Virginia


Are Medicaid and Medicare the same and how do I know if I qualify for Medicaid or the new Medicaid Expansion coverage beginning January 1, 2019?

No, Medicaid is different from Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people
who are age 65 or older or disabled. Medicare is administered by the Social Security Administration.

For more information on the new health care coverage (Medicaid expansion) please call Cover Virginia
1-855-242-8282 or click on the link below to see who qualifies, take the Eligibility Screening Tool or
get other helpful information available in English and Spanish.

What could Medicaid cover?

Medicaid offers medical coverage for doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospitalization,
prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment, nursing home costs, and home health care. The
Department of Medical Assistance Services pays the bill to providers.

Could I still be eligible for Medicaid?

Yes. An individual may already be covered by health insurance and could be eligible for Medicaid.

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