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Last Updated: 2017-06-19

City of Richmond Department of Social Services Internship Program

The purpose of the City of Richmond Department of Social Services Internship Program is to provide a
quality learning experience for higher-education students from various institutions and through an
unpaid internship opportunity.

The internship is intended to develop direct experience in the social service field as well as
understanding of the various programs at the Department of Social Services. Students will gain
exposure to organizational cultures, management systems, operations and resources, programs,
services and target populations. Interns’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences will continue to
develop and grow as each student graduates and becomes a life-long learner.

Internships require that a student be currently enrolled in an academic institution and complete a
specified number of hours of directed experience to receive academic credit that leads to a degree in
the student’s chosen field of study. The intern must be under the supervision of an appropriately
credentialed professional who completes an evaluation of that student for the student’s coursework

Most interns are placed through ongoing agreements with local colleges and universities. Students are
encouraged to first contact their college or universities’ field placement coordinator in their field of
study when seeking a placement site.

The university representative can then explore the possibility of the placement with Richmond City
Department of Social Services. A college or university must complete a contract with Richmond City
Department of Social Services in order to place students in our agency.

Due to the volume of requests that are received and capacity limitations not every request can be


If you have questions or feedback about Academic Internships, please feel free to contact the Student
Internship Coordinator at:

Student Internship Coordinator
Phone: (804)646-3635
Fax:     (804)646-7240

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