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Last Updated: 2015-01-27

The Child Protective Services Program documents, assesses and investigates reports of alleged child abuse and/or neglect. In order for Child Protective Services to accept and respond to a report, it must be considered valid in all four of the following validity criteria: The alleged victim child or children are under the age of 18 at the time of the complaint/report, the alleged abuser must be a caretaker of the child; and, the circumstances/complaint alleges child abuse and/or neglect as defined in the Code of Virginia and in guidance established by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Child Protective Services strives to provide children with a stable and safe home environment. When possible, staff will work to preserve the family by enhancing the parent's ability to provide care for their child and reducing the risk of future abuse or neglect. A full range of services is available to families involved with Child Protective Services including referrals for parenting education, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, medical assistance, financial assistance, budgeting, housing assistance and mentoring programs.

For more information about Child Protective Services, or to report suspected child abuse or neglect during regular business hours, please call (804) 646-0438.

If you are attempting to report a concern after business hours or a concern about a child who does not live in the City of Richmond area, you should call (800) 552-7096.

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