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Last Updated: 2017-02-09

Adult Services are services provided to single adults age 18 or older with no minor children and who are disabled, elderly or homeless. Adult Services provides: Intake and Assessment Services, Screenings for Assisted Living Facilities, Screening for Medicaid Waiver Services, Home-Based Care Management and Monitoring, HUD Emergency Solutions Grant financial intervention, Information & Referrals to community partners, transportation assistance to medical care and/or new employment, and other activities to aid the adult. Services are designed to allow the adult to remain in the least restrictive setting and function as independently as possible by establishing and/or strengthening appropriate family and social support systems or by supporting the adult in self-determination. A family service worker will assess the current family situation and may make referrals to the appropriate community resource or agency.
For more information about the services available, please call (804)646-8865.

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