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Last Updated: 2020-03-23

About Us

The Richmond Department of Social Services (RDSS) is comprised of several different branches with
specific areas of expertise. Each of these branches houses programs that help serve the citizens of
Richmond. Programs and services provided by RDSS are funded through federal, state, and local
funds, in addition to other grants and donations. All funds are used to further progress our mission of
improving the quality of life for all Richmond citizens.


Shunda Giles, Director

Brinette Jones, Deputy Director - Children, Families, & Adults

Sarah Raring, Deputy Director - Economic Support & Independence

Misty Thompson, Deputy Department Director – Senior, Finance & Administration

Branches of RDSS

Children, Families, & Adults (CF&A)

The Children, Families, & Adults division focuses on ensuring that families and children are safe and
secure in their own homes, in foster homes, and throughout the community at large. Programs
included within CF&A include Family Preservation and Child Protective Services, Adoption & Foster
Care, Adult Services & Adult Protective Services, and others.

Children's Services Act (CSA)

The office of the Children's Services Act helps provide child-focused, cost-effective services to
troubled and at-risk youth and their families. In collaboration with parents, private service providers,
and other state and local agencies, they work to develop plans based on community and family based
solutions. Their goal is to address the needs of at-risk children in their home, while keeping families
together whenever possible.

Economic Support & Independence (ES&I)

The Economic Support & Independence division provides residents in need with tools and opportunities
that promote economic stability. ES&I supplies tools and aid for those citizens who require assistance
preserving their own health and well-being, while also equipping them with skills that encourage self-
sufficiency. Programs housed within ES&I include Child Care, Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and more.

Finance & Administration (F&A)

The Administration and Finance division ensures that the agency remains fiscally responsible
by ensuring the appropriate use of funds and resources.

Fraud Unit

The Fraud Unit investigates reports concerning welfare fraud committed by those who receive benefits.
Fraud investigators recover all debts incurred for all programs where benefits are issued. Investigations
are conducted based on information received from citizens, RDSS staff, and other community partners.
The information obtained may be used by the Commonwealth’s Attorney for prosecution. Fraud staff
determines the amount of benefits to which the recipient was not entitled and seeks collections to
reimburse the agency for those benefits. If you have any information regarding a case of suspected
fraud, please report it to the RDSS Fraud Hotline at (804) 646-5707.

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