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Service Name Service Business Unit Date Updated
Schools/Richmond Public The offices of Richmond Public Schools are on the 13th floor of City Hall. The mailing address is 301 N. 9th St., Richmond, VA 23219. Richmond Public Schools 2009-11-01
Senior Citizen Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation The City's Adult Protective Services staff investigates reports of abuse, neglect, (including self-neglect) and exploitation of adults 60 years and older as well as incapacitated individuals who are 18 years and older. Adult Protective Services are offered regardless of the person's income or financial resources. Persons who receive Protective Services may live alone, with relatives, in nursing homes, adult care facilities, hospitals, mental-care facilities, or with people to whom they are not related. Please call (804)646-7367 for this service. Services are also offered to protect adults who are impaired but not incapacitated. The phone number for this service is (804)646-7405 Monday-Friday. There is also a toll-free hotline that is available 24 hours / 7 days a week. The toll free number is (888)83-ADULT 2009-11-01
STD Clinic The Health Department offers free, confidential testing, treatment, and counseling to prevent the spread of AIDS/HIV and STDs. Call (804)482-5500 or visit the clinic at 400 East Cary Street Map It Health Department 2009-11-01
Senior Center, Linwood Robinson The Department of Parks, Recreations & Community Facilities operates The Linwood Robinson Senior Center, located at 700 N. 26th St. Map It The center provides information on counseling, advocacy, health, nutrition, employment, social services and volunteerism. The center also offers a variety of recreation programs. Trips to local museums, theaters, malls and parks are scheduled monthly. Transportation to and from the center is available and a complete hot lunch is served daily. New members are always welcome. For more information, please call (804)646-3115. Parks, Recreations & Community Facilities 2009-11-01
Short Term Rentals Short-term rental (STR) is the transient occupancy of a dwelling unit for a period of less than 30 consecutive days. Planning and Development Review 2019-03-26
Special Use Permits Special use permits are issued for requests for use of land, buildings or structures that do not conform to the zoning regulations in the districts in which they are situated. Land Use Administration. Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
Subdivision Ordinance Land Use Administration advises the public on the subdivision or re-subdivision of property within the city as set forth in the Subdivision Ordinance. Land Use Administration staff present recommendations to the City Planning Commission, which takes final action on subdivision matters and subdivision applications. Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
Sewer Backup/Broken Sewer Line Call the Department of Public Utilities 24-hour emergency at (804)644-3000 to report a sewer backup or a broken sewer line. Public Utilities 2009-11-01
Sewer New Connections Call the Department of Public Utilities Development Services Division at (804)646-8544 to get a permit to make a sewer connection. Public Utilities 2009-11-01
Sidewalks, Repair Streets, Sweeping or Repair(City Property) To request maintenance and repair of a public sidewalk contact the Department of Public Works at (804)646-0999. Public Works 2009-11-01
Streetlights Application To request new or additional streetlights call the Department of Public Utilities for an application at (804)644-3000. Public Utilities 2009-11-01
Supercans The Department of Public Works will remove all junk, trash, or debris on city-owned property. Please call (804)646-0999 to make a removal request. Public Works 2009-11-01
Speakers The city has staff available to make presentations at businesses, civic, organizational and/or neighborhood group meetings on city-related business. For more information, contact the Office of the Press Secretary to the Mayor at (804)646-7985. Office of the Press Secretary 2009-11-02
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
The Department of Social Services Economic Support & Independence Division offers a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which provides nutrition assistance to low-income individuals and families in the form of an Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (EBT). Employment Training (SNAPET) is offered to provide job readiness and support so that dependence on Food Stamps is no longer needed. Social Services 2018-05-03
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