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Service Name Service Business Unit Date Updated
Permits, Vendor All vendors in the city of Richmond must obtain a vendor permit annually. Vendor permits are available from City Hall, Tax Enforcement Division, 900 E. Broad St. Map It Vendor permits expire December 1 each year. There is a small annual fee. For more information, call (804)646-5928. 2009-11-01
Pest Control To help control mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests, contact the Department of Public Health Department, Environmental Control, at (804)205-3912. Public Health Department 2009-11-01
Pregnancy The Department of Public Health offers several programs that provide care and counseling services for pregnant women. Call (804)205-3500 for information. Public Health Department 2009-11-01
Pet Finder If you have lost your pet it is important to visit the shelter at the earliest opportunity and on a regular basis. You can download the Lost Pet Poster and Tips Part 1 and Lost Pet Poster and Tips Part 2 Remember when finding or losing a pet to call and visit all surrounding shelters and the veterinary emergency centers in your area. Talk to your neighbors and get posters up! Download the Pet Lost and Found Form Animal Care & Control 2018-01-26
Parks There are more than 40 parks and playgrounds in the City's park system. For information about the offerings of each park or to find the park nearest you, try our Park Search Application on the Parks, Recreation & Community Facilities Website or call the department's customer service representative at (804)646-5733. The Park Search Application provides searchable information on Richmond parks, playgrounds and community centers. Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities 2020-02-27
Permits, Gas & Water Permits are required for construction work related to gas and water services. For more information call the Bureau of Permits and Inspections at (804)646-6955. Public Utilities 2009-11-01
Plan of Development Plan of Development (POD) is an administrative site plan review process that may be conducted either in advance of or in conjunction with the building permit process. Planning and Development Review 2009-11-02
Permits for Building /Inspections (Construction/Renovation/Related Permits) The Bureau of Permits and Inspections issues building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other construction permits. The employees will explain the process to obtain the required permits and inspections for a commercial or residential building project. To become familiar with the process and its requirements a pre-application interview with one of their experts well ahead of time is suggested. Contact the office at (804)646-6955 with any questions, or to schedule a time. Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
Parking Fines/Tickets Parking tickets must be paid within 15 days of receipt. To pay parking fines/tickets issued by the City of Richmond, you may either mail the payment postmarked by the due date to the address shown on the ticket, or visit our Payment Office in Room 102 in City Hall, 900 E. Broad Street Map It Payments may also be made online. For information on the payment of parking tickets, call (804)646-5700. Public Works 2009-11-01
Parking Meters To report broken or malfunctioning parking meters, call (804)646-0999. Public Works 2009-11-01
Parking Permits, Disabled, Residential Guidelines and application form for obtaining disabled (handicapped) parking spaces in residential areas. Public Works 2020-06-26
Parking Permits, Restricted, Residential To obtain residential parking permits for restricted zones call (804)646-5700 or visit Room 102, City Hall, 900 East Broad Street Map It
    Carver District
    Fan District (zones 1 & 2)
    Jackson Ward District
    Randolph District
    South Mulberry District
Public Works 2020-07-14
Police Academies for Citizens The Citizens' Police Academy embodies the practice of community policing by offering hands-on policing training for citizens. To get more information or to register for a Citizens' Police Academy class, please contact the Police Training Academy at (804)646-6117. Police 2009-11-01
Potholes To report potholes in public streets call the Department of Public Works at (804)646-0999. Public Works 2009-11-01
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