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Service Name Service Business Unit Date Updated
Graffiti Abatement The City is engaging in an effort to fight graffiti vandalism. To report graffiti anywhere in the city, please call (804)646-0999. If graffiti vandals are at work, call 911 to report the crime. Multi-Division 2009-11-01
Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) The offices of GRTC are located at 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23224 Map It GRTC is an independent agency which contracts with the City to provide bus transportation within the city limits and to certain points within the counties of Chesterfield and Henrico. To contact GRTC, please call (804)358-4782 or visit their web site for maps and schedules at GRTC 2009-11-01
Garbage Collection The Department of Public Works collects and disposes of solid waste. Refuse must be placed inside a City-issued supercan. Items placed in non-issued cans or containers will not be collected and a violation notification will be issued. Bagged refuse and boxes will be removed during weekly collection. This is in compliance with the City of Richmond Ordinance Sec. 86-81 (a)(b).
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Public Works 2012-12-07
Grass, Weeds/Overgrown on Public Property The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of landscaped areas in City parks and right of ways. City Code requires property owners and/or occupants to keep the public right of way area between the improved street or alley and their property line free of vegetation that would obstruct or impede or threaten the safe and orderly movement of persons or vehicles. In addition, City Code requires property owners and/or occupants to keep weeds and grass from growing more than 12 inches high in the public right of way area between the improved street or alley and their property line or to the center of an unimproved street or alley. The department's Urban Forestry Division cares for more than 160,000 trees on public land. To request tree maintenance on public property, contact the Urban Forestry Division at 646-0681. All other questions or concerns about the maintenance of vegetation on City property should be directed to 646-4498 north of the James River, and 646-3747 south of the James River. Public Works 2009-08-24
Gas or Water Service Account Set-up
Gas Light-Up Service
If you need an account to be established in your name for water and/or gas service, or to have your gas service lit, please call the Department of Public Utilities, Customer Care office, at (804)646-4646. Public Utilities 2014-04-15
Golf Driving Range Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range. The city operates a golf driving range at 400 School Street, and also offers golf lessons. The range is open from mid-February to mid-December. Parks and Recreation 2009-11-02
Grass, Weeds/Overgrown on Private Property Property owners are responsible for maintaining their bushes, shrubs, and trees and removing all excess brush and debris. To register a concern about the upkeep of private property, or to report excessive grass or weed growth (more than twelve inches high), please call the Department of Planning and Development Review, Property Maintenance Division, at (804)646-7448. Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
General Relief
The Department of Social Services Economic Support & Independence Division offers General Relief (GR) providing financial emergency assistance for services that are not covered by other means. Social Services 2018-05-03
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