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Service Name Service Business Unit Date Updated
Behavioral Health The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority provides mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services for the citizens of Richmond. The number for both general information and 24-hour emergency service is (804)819-4100. Behavioral Health Authority 2009-11-01
Birth Certificates The Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Vital Statistics issues copies of birth certificates. Please contact the office at (804) 662-6200, or visit them at Suite 275, 1601 Willow Lawn Dr., Richmond, VA 23230 inside the Shops at Willow Lawn mall. The office offers an express delivery service but no faxing services. Not a City Service 2009-11-01
Buses Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) is an independent agency which contracts with the City to provide bus transportation within the city limits and to certain points within the counties of Chesterfield and Henrico. GRTC offices are at 301 East Belt Boulevard Richmond, VA 23224Map It, please call (804)358-4782 or visit their web site for maps and schedules at Greater Richmond Transit Company 2009-11-01
Bicycles/Lost or Stolen To report a lost or stolen bicycle, citizens should contact their local Precinct. Refer to the Police Precinct section for contact information, or call (804)646-0400. Police 2009-08-20
Business Licenses Owners of city businesses must obtain a business license to operate. New businesses in the city must obtain a license within 30 days of the date of opening. Existing business licenses must be renewed by March 3. Finance 2009-08-24
Business Property Tax All tangible personal property, machinery or tools (whether leased or owned) used in connection with a business in the city are subject to taxation. Businesses are required to file their own returns. Finance 2009-08-24
Bills/Fees/City Charges Bills issued by several different business units in the city, please contact the specific department noted on the bill if you have questions. Payment arrangements are considered when necessary. The city's customer service representatives will accept all major credit cards, cash, check, and money orders for payment purposes. Credit card payments for personal property taxes, real estate taxes, parking tickets, and utility bills can be made through the city's online payments page. Billing questions may be directed to Finance Customer Service at (804)646-5690, or Citizens' Assistance at (804)646-7000.
Payment Locations:

The main payment office and drop box is in City Hall Room 102, 900 E. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219
A drop box located on 10th Street between Broad and Marshall Streets, Richmond, VA 23219.

East District Office at 701 North 25th St., Richmond, VA 23223

Southside Community Services Center, Southside Plaza 4100 Hull St., Richmond, VA 23224

City libraries with the exception of the Bon Air branch

During the peak tax period (March to May) additional payment sites are available

Finance 2009-11-02
Boots, Parking, vehicle immobilization The city implements a vehicle immobilization or booting program. When a citizen has three (3) or more outstanding parking citations owed to the City of Richmond, his/her vehicle may be towed or booted. You must pay the entire delinquent parking ticket balance to have the boot removed or to retrieve your car from the Towing Lot. Please see "Motor Vehicles" regarding towing information.

To pay by credit card, please call Paylock at (866)404-6373.

To pay by cash, you must come to City Hall at 900 E. Broad St., Room 102.Map It

After payment, either Lanier Parking Services will come out to remove the boot (within 30 minutes) or you can obtain an authorization from Paylock and remove the boot yourself. The citizen is responsible for returning the boot to Lanier Parking Services between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the address noted below. If after hours, the boot must be returned the next business day.

Lanier Parking Services, 601 E. Main St, Richmond, VA 23219-2405 (804)344-4399Map It.
Police 2009-11-01
Building Permits The Bureau of Permits and Inspections issues building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other construction permits. The employees will explain the process to obtain the required permits and inspections for a commercial or residential building project. To become familiar with the process and its requirements a pre-application interview with one of their experts well ahead of time is suggested. Planning and Development Review 2009-08-20
Bushes -- Privately Owned Bushes/Shrubs/Vegetation Property owners are responsible for maintaining their bushes, shrubs, and trees and removing all excess brush and debris. To register a concern about the upkeep of private property, or to report excessive grass or weed growth (more than twelve inches high). Call 311 Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
Buildings/Unsafe, Vacant or Open Contact the Department of Planning and Development Review, Property Maintenance Office, at (804)646-6419 to report any unsafe situations. call 311 Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
Businesses/Illegal Use Contact the Department of Planning and Development Review, Zoning Enforcement Office, at (804)646-6340 to share information or question a business operation. Planning and Development Review 2009-11-01
Bushes -- City Owned Bushes/Shrubs/Vegetation The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of landscaped areas in city parks and right of ways. City Code requires property owners and/or occupants to keep the public right of way area between the improved street or alley and their property line free of vegetation that would obstruct or impede or threaten the safe and orderly movement of persons or vehicles. In addition, City Code requires property owners and/or occupants to keep weeds and grass from growing more than 12 inches high in the public right of way area between the improved street or alley and their property line or to the center of an unimproved street or alley. Public Works 2009-08-24
Breastfeeding Initiative The Department of Social Services Children, Families & Adults focuses on encouraging policy, infrastructure, and environmental changes that promote a breastfeeding-friendly community. Social Services 2018-05-03
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