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Last Updated: 2017-03-21

What is Surplus Property?

Surplus property consists of tangible personal property (e.g., equipment, materials, supplies, vehicles) that is left over after the needs for which it is acquired have been satisfied; and real property (i.e., real estate) that is no longer needed by the city.

The city classifies its surplus property as follows:

  • Items with value for trade-in, intra-city transfer, and sale (via public auction or public sale at fixed prices)
  • Items worn or broken with scrap material/metal value
  • Items that have no commercial or scrap value and can be destroyed
  • Real property that is no longer needed

Currently, the city of Richmond, Virginia sells surplus property through contracted third-party firms specializing in auctioning surplus items. Surplus property is sold by one of the following contracted firms.

  • GovDeals, Inc., an internet-based auction firm that provides services to various government agencies that allows them to sell surplus items via the Internet.

  • Motley's Auto Auction., a full service firm that assists with live, online, in-place and turnkey auctions. Currently, the city auctions all of its fleet vehicles through Motley's Auto Auction. Motley's Auto Auction is located at 3600 Deepwater Terminal Rd. Richmond, VA 23234. Motley's host two weekly auto auctions Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. and Friday mornings at 8:30 a.m.

  • Motley's Auction Inc., a full service brokerage company offering sales and consulting for a variety of Real Estate Assets. Offering online and live accelerated sales, brokerage listings, and accelerated sales programs.

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