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    The City Dance Program offers complete training in a wide variety of dance disciplines and related movement for children aged three years and up, beginners through advanced levels. All of our instructors are fully qualified professionals, possessing many years of teaching and performing experience. All teachers are dedicated to creating a truly caring environment for the younger child and a more challenging curriculum for older students. We also offer a variety of dance, physical activity and martial arts for adults and seniors.

    The mission of the City Dance Program is to provide a complete dance training of the highest quality, while remaining accessible and affordable. The program is designed to help youth prepare for their life goals through self-discipline, enhancement of learning skills and physical well-being. In addition, our adult classes have a lasting impact on overall mental health and physical agility.

    The City Dance Program offers complete training in a wide variety of dance disciplines and related movement for both children and adults. All of our instructors are fully qualified professionals, possessing many years of teaching and performing experience.

    Our children’s classes run all year, so that the young dancers can take time to achieve mastery over their chosen dance form. Our classes are age appropriate and based on the developmental needs of each student. Our more advanced classes are graded on experience and natural abilities. Students can choose from the regular class schedule or the intensive program, which is designed for the more serious dancer.

    Our most important objective is to instill life-skills through the art of dance. For the many children who learn kinetically, their schoolwork sometimes improves dramatically; and all students benefit from their gains in confidence and coordination. Our adult classes run 10 weeks per semester; but students may join at any time.

    For more information, contact the city Dance Office at (804)646-3673.

    Dress Code

    Note: Applies to all classes and levels at Pine Camp. It is useful for girls to purchase adjustable tights, which can be used for several different dance classes. One pair of each (suntan and pink) is suggested. Also, if your child does not wear tights with any of her dance shoes, please provide her with thin white socks to prevent foot infections from occurring. Finally, no jewelry should be worn during class, including hoop earrings larger than a finger.

    Girls: Sky blue, or black, leotard is preferred, with pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes. Please do not purchase the pink stretch-satin shoes sold by some chain stores. No cover-ups, please. A chiffon dance skirt is permitted, but MUST be worn around the child's natural waist, NOT pulled down over the hips.

    Boys: White tee-shirt, navy blue fitted shorts, black ballet shoes and white socks, or a black tank top leotard and jazz pants with white ballet shoes. A dance belt is required for ages nine and older in all dance classes. No cover-ups of any kind are permitted.

    No street clothes. Fitted tops, sweats, shorts or leggings, and black jazz shoes. Black Jazz pants are also accepted, and so is regular dancewear. Black Jazz sneakers are required for all levels above elementary. Dance shoes must not have been worn outdoors.

    Girls: Leotard or bikertard of any color, suntan tights, black "split-sole" jazz shoes.

    Boys: White fitted tee, black jazz pants and black jazz shoes. No cover-ups of any kind are permitted.

    Girls: Black leotard, suntan footless tights. Bare feet.

    Boys: Same as Jazz, also with bare feet.

    Girls: Leotard, suntan tights and tan tap shoes with velcro fasteners (if you don't have velcro purchase "Tap-Ties" or use elastic). Wear skirts around the waist.

    Boys: Shorts, or black jazz pants with white-tees and black lace-up men's tap shoes.

    The City Dance Theatre

    The City Dance Theatre is an award-winning ensemble of approximately 15 young men and women. Together they bring excitement and creativity to movement.

    The dance theatre is known for its energetic, crowd pleasing performances throughout the State of Virginia. Students who have achieved the necessary technique and strength may audition for our performing company.

    These dancers appear throughout the region, and also travel to dance competitions. As a competition team they have achieved national recognition. They have performed at Disney Worlds’ Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, with the Richmond Symphony, and at Dogwood Dell. They also perform at local festivals, half-time shows and other special events.

    The group of eighteen, with ages ranging from 9 to 18 is very diversified. Under the direction of Annette Holt and Rodney Williams, they perform Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. Their repertoire ranges from Gospel works and strongly dramatic reflections of African American history to lively and contemporary jazz dances.

    To audition, dancers must be at least nine years of age and have training in Ballet, Modern and Jazz. Auditions normally occur in August. Members pay monthly dues, and parents are expected to participate in fund-raising and other Theatre projects.

    Young people with an interest in dance now have an exciting opportunity to develop their talents, right in their own neighborhoods! Ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement. The Theatre brings professional instruction to students at all levels, from beginner through advanced.

    Each season closes with a public recital, allowing each student to experience the thrill of performing before an audience. The programs develop not only coordination and agility, but help build character and self-esteem.

    To learn more about the City Dance Theatre, or to book the company for your special event, call (804)646-3673. We can design a program to suit your needs, from twenty minutes to two hours. Minimum fee is $75. Why not consider a performance of this dynamic dance company for your event?

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