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Last Updated: 2017-10-26

OMBD's Values

  • We believe in functioning with honesty, integrity and upholding the highest work ethic.
  • We are dedicated to helping the business community.
  • We make every effort to deliver quality customer service.
  • We strive to accomplish creativeness and innovativeness.
  • We embrace self-improvement to maintain our quality workforce.

OMBD'S Vision

Greater economic and social equity in our community through the pursuit of parity in the amount the City of Richmond spends to procure goods and services using taxpayer dollars and user fees.

OMBD's Mission

Our mission is to facilitate, produce, and advance opportunities for minority business enterprises (MBEs), emerging small businesses (ESBs), and disadvantaged business enterprises(DBEs) to successfully participate in the full array of contracting opportunities available in the City of Richmond. OMBD strives to increase:

  • The number of local M/ESB and DBEs
  • The capacity among local M/ESB and DBEs
  • M/ESB and DBE availability in certain under-utilized business categories, e.g. architecture
  • The number of public and private sector contracts won by M/ESB and DBEs
  • The number of effective strategic alliances, both in the M/ESB and DBE community and beyond
  • M/ESB and DBE access to capital
  • M/ESB and DBE integration of information technology

OMBD's Goal

OMBD shall direct its efforts toward making the utilization and recognition of minority, disadvantaged, and emerging business enterprises in Richmond's procurement activities the usual course of practice.

The Office of Minority Business Development (OMBD)

is one of the strongest advocates for increasing contract opportunities for minority and emerging small business enterprises in the Richmond metropolitan area. We are making changes to better serve our clients.

We Want Your Business To Succeed

We understand that your success is our success. The City of Richmond and the OMBD are committed to increasing contracting opportunities for all minority-owned businesses (MBEs) and emerging small businesses (ESBs).

We've Expanded Your Contracting Opportunities

Your business is as unique as you are. The City of Richmond's MBD policy now covers all contracts, construction and non-construction alike. If your business is minority-owned or exists in a City of Richmond Enterprise Zone and provides professional or non-professional services, there may be a special opportunity for you with the City of Richmond.

Contracting Opportunities Include:

  • Multi-discipline services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Surplus and research development

Contracting Opportunities Will Become More Diverse

During the next several years, as billions of dollars worth of economic development projects are launched in the City of Richmond, the OMBD is committed to turning these opportunities into contracts by building minority business capacity, improving access and tracking contract utilization.

We've Streamlined Our Processes and Procedures

The OMBD is committed to making it easier to do business with the City of Richmond. Our goal is to provide business owners with the information and resources necessary to understand the contracting process and to identify opportunities within the City of Richmond.

We're Here to Help

The OMBD's expanded programs now provide technical and business development assistance to minority and emerging small businesses. Talk to us today to see how we can help your business grow.

OMBD Is Focused On Building Minority Business

The Office of Minority Business Development is committed to increasing contracting opportunities for all minority and emerging small businesses. We connect minority-owned businesses (MBEs) and emerging small businesses (ESBs) with the tools and resources needed to succeed. The OMBD is focused on building minority business capacity, improving access and tracking contract utilization. The OMBD's business development effort help small businesses start, grow and expand. We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Bid Solitication Announcements: Register with the OMBD and receive project announcements via e-mail or visit our website for bid announcement updates.
  • Access to Financing: The OMBD is positioned to help you identify capital.
  • Technical Assistance: The OMBD's "on-demand" technical assistance program provides solutions to the challenges of starting and operating your business.
  • Site Selection Assistance: Experienced site selection professionals will help you find the location best suited to your business needs.
  • Export Assistance: The OMBD can help your business access international markets.
  • Bi-Monthly Business Education Programs: The OMBD coordinates entrepreneurship development educational programs addressing current issues that help you manage your business more effectively. From marketing your business, doing business with the City of Richmond, to how to develop a business plan - our powerful seminars are designed to help you learn new skills to ensure your business's success.
  • Matchmaking and Networking Meetings: Business is social and cultural before it's technical and financial. The OMBD can help you meet key decision makers in the public and private sectors.
  • Economic Development Incentives: From bond financing, business visitations, Enterprise Zone incentives to business expansion - the OMBD can help.
  • Resource Referrals: If the OMBD doesn't have the answers or expertise, we will refer you to the agency that does. It's all a part of our "no wrong door" approach to customer service.
  • Project Goal Setting: The OMBD sets minority business and emerging small business participation goals for City-funded projects valued at $100,000.00 and above.
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring: The OMBD monitors City of Richmond contracts to ensure real minority participation.
  • The Region's Largest MBD Directory: The OMBD offers a directory of MBEs, which can be accessed for free on the City's OMBD web page.
  • Research: The OMBD offers research on minority business participation.

Contact Information:

Minority Business Development
City of Richmond
1500 East Main Street, 5th Floor
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
Phone: (804)646-5947
Fax: (804)646-0136

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