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Last Updated: 2012-12-03

The city of Richmond currently has two exemption options available for citizens who are either age 65 or older or who are permanently and totally disabled. Both of these exemptions apply only to real estate taxes. Qualification for either of these exemption programs is based on the income and net worth of the property owner, plus the income of others living in the household.

Only one of these exemption options may be selected, not both.

Tax Relief

The tax relief program offers those who qualify for the program partial or full tax exemption from real estate taxes in the city of Richmond.

Tax Freeze

The tax freeze program offers those who qualify an exemption from the increase in real estate taxes from the date you first apply and qualify for this exemption.

Disabled Veterans

Effective January 1, 2011, Disabled Veterans, or their surviving spouses, may be eligible for exemption from real estate taxes.

Disabled Veterans, or their surviving spouses, who believe they may be eligible for the real estate tax exemption effective January 1, 2011, as a result of an amendment to the Virginia Constitution and subsequent legislation enacted by the Virginia General Assembly, should contact the City Assessor's Office at (804) 646-7500 to obtain further information.

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