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Splits are permitted only through deed recorded in the John Marshall courthouse. Once recorded, the deed will be worked our Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) System and will be mapped in the City's Geographic Information System (GIS). The property will be assessed with the new value and the new parcel(s) will show up on the following year's notice and tax bill.

Property splits are processed with the following circumstances occur:

  • Conveyance by will or deed of a portion that is less than the entire described parcel
  • Partial conveyance as a result of a new deed or condemnation
  • Recorded deed is accompanied by a plat or survey showing new property lines and location(s) of structure(s) if any
  • Splits are not processed upon written or verbal request of owner of record or agent.

If you are splitting a property and are going to build, please be sure to check with the Zoning Administration to make sure the new properties conform to current Zoning.


A Subdivision Application is required from anyone who wants to divide, subdivide, or re-subdivide a lot, tract or parcel of land situated wholly or partly within the corporate limits of the City into three (3) or more lots, tracts, or parcels of land for the purpose, whether immediate or in the future, of transferring ownership of any one or more of such lots, tracts or parcels of land, or for the purpose of the erection of buildings or other structures on any one or more of such lots, tracts, or parcels of land.

Merges / Combinations

There are two types of parcel merges/combinations that can be done. However, both must meet the following criteria:

  • Properties are physically adjacent.
  • Properties are currently deeded in the identical name or names.

Deed Merges

These are merges that are specifically addressed in a deed filed through the Richmond Circuit Court Clerk's Office. This can be in a Deed of Consolidation or in a more general deed. Only another deed can split property once a deed merge has occurred. Also, by removing a boundary line the property owner might lose some development options. This course of action is recommended when a building crosses an existing property boundary or the one of the merging properties is too small or inadequate for development. Please note that multiple properties transferred in deed do not automatically cause a merge. The legal description or plat must identify the properties as a single entity. Parcels listed separately, and having separate legal descriptions, will not be merged together.

Administrative Merges

Admin merges are not filed with the Richmond Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. The only additional requirement, than what is listed above, is that the property owner submits a signed letter to this office which requests the merge and lists the exact property to be merged. This merger is for tax purposes only and serves as a way to reduce the number of tax bills generated. These mergers can be undone with a signed letter from the property owner.

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