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Last Updated: 2019-04-03

Tax Credit for Certain Rehabilitated, Replacement or New Structures

Requirements for Exemption

The city of Richmond allows partial tax exemption from real estate taxes for two separate initiatives:

  1. Rehabilitated or Replacement Structures

    A complete description, including the provision for qualifying for this partial tax exemption, is found in Code Section 26-398. These code sections address residential property (1-4 units), multi-family property (5 units or more), commercial and industrial property.

    Ordinance 2014-117-90

    Ordinance 2015-25-50

  2. New Construction within Redevelopment and Conservation Areas and Rehabilitation Districts

    A complete description, including the provision for qualifying for this partial tax exemption is found in Code Section 26-579. This code section addresses new construction designed to assist rehabilitation of pre-defined districts or areas within the city.

    Ordinance 2015-233

The application fees for these programs are as follows.

  • $125.00 for residential properties
  • $250 for all other properties

The fee is non-refundable unless initial application is rejected. The Rehabilitation Application form may be obtained online or in the City Assessor's Office located in Room 802 of City Hall.

An informational brochure is now available.

Determine if a property is in a Richmond Redevelopment and Conservation Area

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